Birmy station

So my first ever opinion of birmingham new street station was super scary; avoid ! Only because the first ever time it was at about 10pm I went through it and had a change over. Had like, few mins change over time, wasn’t sure where I was going. 

It was before it had been done up as well and it looked and felt grundgy.

Now though, I have been a few times since then, and it has all been done up nicely, fresh and clean looking.

It is very relaxed and nice atmostphere. I like it, almost love actually. 

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The nerve!

Well I have to share what had happened earlier today, this afternoon.

So I am up north visiting my hometown etc, and had my last appointment at the hospital today before I change and transfer hospitals down south for my back.

Fun times in the car park; my dad drove as I came up on the train. 

Well! My apointment was at 2.30pm, we drove round this little car park 3 stories I think it had over road to the hospital, and it was pretty full up packed. We drove around it like 3 times already, would of got in a space on 2nd time round but an inconsiderate jerk (who hopefully got booked as there was an attendant in there taking pics of offendee cars already we saw!) anyhow, we couldn’t get in that space even with his little peugot car and his major car driving skills.

So 3rd time round there was a black car which was bigger than our peugot car in front, like 2 or 3 car park gaps away in front and we had just literally in front of someone getting in their car to come out and leave, so he quickly reversed back a bit to let the guy pull out so he can pull in. This was now about 2.10 ish. I walk superrrr slow with my breathing. Appointment 2.30.

So the couple begin to get in car to pull out, my dad indicated to go in the space as he was in the position to go in it as he was there and that black Bigger car was like 2 or 3 car parked spaces away looking for a space to park up.

The black car driver, an older posher looking kinda stuck up women came tottering over to us. “Oh can you reverse or go around me (there was no room to navigate around her and there was cars behind us waiting too) as I have been driving round for 20 mins now looking for a spot to park and I have an appointment at hospital soon!” 

My dad was having non of it. Rightly so! She had passed the spot like way passed it to go in it, further more if my dad had of tried to navigate around her which he couldn’t have as that car was pulling out and that car was parked up and it was super tight car park, even with all of that if he had done that, there was like 2 or 3 cars behind us now waiting also. She had no chance! Literally. If we had drove off you can damn well sure the other car behind us or 1 of them wouldn’t have been so polite and told her to basically f off. 

Anyhow, dad said we also had an appointment and he was rightly in line to go into that spot as she had passed it completely so no. She wasn’t impressed and tottered back to her bigger car (which we will get to that in a moment!) she was still indicating and wasn’t budging and made the guy pulling out of the car space more difficult to manouver around her stubborn ass. 

Dad went to reverse into the now empty space in his little car. He even struggled and was really tight to manouver as it was in an awkward space as well as being a small car park. He has a little peugout car, she had a bigger car than my dad. She had zero chance of pulling or reversing in that car park space. So again, if dad had of let her, than it would of been a waste for both of us as she would of had to pull out and let someone else in for her to park elsewhere. 

Idiotic bafoon of a women she was! 

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Aches and pains

So I meant to be travelling back to my parents tomorrow, well firstly to see and sleep over at my sisters. I have no idea if that is still on the tablets yet! 

I have a bad feeling that I am off to be too much in pain still without being on the strong dose. 

At the moment i have heated hot water bottle behind me and cuppa tea. Had ibprufene and paracetamol full dosage intake for four hours. Haven’t re took my prescribed codeine yet since this morning. Trying not to rely too much on them and to try and work with my muscles to get them back to normal again and keep moving here and there but not over doing it. That’s what the a and e gp said last night.

On Thursday evening just watching tele in bed for night, somehow was wriggly and then Bam! I pulled a muscle it cracked and I was panicky as it really hurt, couldn’t breath very well with the panic setting in. 

Somehow Carl managed to calm me down enough and took a ibroprofene tablet too and I was also sick with the pain. But managed to sleep in the end. 

Morning came, it was stiff as hell, so I was practically bed ridden for the day. Just about got heated stuff and fed dog and cuppa tea in morning with difficulty, then retired to bed for the rest of that day. Right till Carl came home at 6ish then we headed for A&E as it hadn’t got any better. I was controlling my breathing panic at least but it still hurt a lot when I did breath. 

So the gp said basically take it easy but don’t just lay down, try to keep moving but not over do it. Also as I mentioned prescribed me the codeine tablets to take but only between 1 – 2 times within 4 hours space. But only if the pain is unbearable as it will make me drowsy and can cause tummy problems etc. 

Took 2 yesterday evening as by then I had been up and about for over like 3 hours with waiting times there and carl driving to and back home again etc. 

He has been my rock, he is the best boyfriend, and best friend I could ever hope and need in my life. 

This morning I was stiff again so I took another codeine withparacetamol then had food and just had the normal paracetomal and ibroprofene now. Not wanting to over use the codeine if I can cope without it. Best for a morning stiffness and evening to sleep. Thats how i am looking at it. 

It just sucks that I meant to be travelling tomorrow and I don’t think I will magically be better by morning!! 😩💔

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Like the Big bang theory 

So yesterday my boyfriend and I have been dossing around on the boat, not been able to do much as we have no mast still, also been raining majority of the weekend as well so not had the enthusiasm nor been able to do any jobs on the boat either as there are outside jobs could been done.

Anyhow! The point of the blog today ;

He was tinkering around with this old diesel heater we have on here, the previous owner knew exactly how to use it as there is certain “knack” to it apparently.  So the boyfriend was there tinkering away, then he was like oh petrol is fine as well i read, so he firstly blew torched the whole thing firstly, then put the petrol and oh it went BANG!!!! Like a real BIG BANG! Scared the shit out of me, the boyfriend think it made jump but then he was laughing at my reaction. After that i moved way away from it into the galley way. Took no chances! 

I know it always usually does a little small pop and i always braced for myself slightly for a big bang, but yesterday was the day it actually happened! 

So today he started again with it after doing some actual research more than what he usually did about it. Then he started to tinker with it again, to my reaction of oh no not again! 

I slightly braced myself for the worst, i must admit. Even text his mother, she just laughed haha. 

But I will give credit when and where its due! He got it working without the usual pop nor any loud bang! He didn’t use petrol nor diesel, just the flame, and messed with the dial thing. Sorted.

Lovely and warm now sat next to it. 

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Testing your tastebuds

Note of the day; is to always try foods what you may not like.

When I was little I liked bananas, then during adolescent I disliked the taste for some odd reason. Then I tried again a few years back, still not liking them, but just spur of the moment decided to try again now, and guess what? I am eating one now and it’s actually not too bad. 

The morale of the story, is to keep trying tastes what you may not like as your tastebuds can change as you grow older. 

However sprouts  I will always hate with a passion! I have tried these few years back and yack! Still hate them. 

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Boat curtain project!

So here is a heavily picture post;

The first hem side ! Eek, I have never really used a sewing machine myself since highschool year 9, since then I just used hand stitching and watching my mum use her machine. All finished for my first boat curtain. Not too bad, not perfect but decent I think for my first try.I do love the colour and material.

On to the rest of the boat curtains! 🙂 ⛵️

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Sewing boat curtains project! 

Hoping to get my curtains done this weekend! Carl and I set up last night, (mainly carl) the sewing machine what his grandma gave me, she is such a sweetie! I love her like she was my own grandma, I lost my nan’s years ago and only have 1 grandad now as I lost my other grandad as well. Anyhow; Enough with the sadness, I am appreciative of her handing me her sewing machine and now i am learning myself to sew on it, Carl and his mum graciously helped me set it up and got a printed manual for it now to flick through!

When I finish it i will upload it on here the pics as well to show you all! 

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