So I got standard woohoo I won my appeal! The panel were super nice and I was so nervous but didn’t really have to say much, they shot firing questions at the dwp rep and she ultimately said they made too many assumptions and they retract their side of things regarding what they said and awarded me with standard mobility. Because the evidence was from actual specialists; like respiratory and orthopaedic as well as a heart specialist I think, nobody could really argue with the evidence therefore after answering a few simple q’s from the panel- which I answered truthfully, they awarded me there and then my standard rate and to keep my standard care aspect. As I wasn’t looking at fighting for that as I was happy and accepted it.

I know I don’t get a car no more, but with new rules for pip I agree I shouldn’t and I’m not qualified in meeting that criteria for that no more. I don’t agree that they should of made it to that sort of criteria with pip enhanced but they have and we all have to deal with it. But I know I felt I deserved standard at least with that criteria, hence why family and friends pushed me and talked me into fighting till the end as I was super nervous about doing so at first, and I am so glad that I had!

It allows doors open more and easier access for help and support with mobility stuff.

Super chuffed!

If anyone out there is going through the change-over, and you truly don’t believe the right decision was made, Fight for it!

It may be scary and nerve-wrecking and a long process (mine has been a year), but it will be backdated and it will be worth it when they say the good news at the end!

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Tribunal today!

So nervous and anxious now ! My tribunal trial starts in over an hour and i been all okay about it kept my nerves in check but now it is bit of meltdown!

I am all prepared as much as I can possibly be, and I know it will only go good or bad, but I’m just so nervous about standing in front of three official people and being judged, as well as possible chance of standing against a DWP representative person, which I know my luck that I will be. Long as I don’t cry it will be fine.

Just keep thinking ok, I have evidence from my previous orthopaedic dr stating about me walking 50 metres is my max before start deterring, I have a 2012 report from a dr stating about walking 50metres, I have my previous breathing respiratory dr confirming walking 50metres i have a physio stating about my lung capacity and so often gets short of breath. What more do they need?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably at this stage because I was too slow in giving a lot of evidence to start off with. But still! The assessor on the day slightly lied about stuff, as well as not even giving me any respiratory tests or exams even though that was my main case about claiming!

Will update later on how all this went! Hopefully I will be laughing about how nervous I am feeling but I really just don’t know! 😬😬😬

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Don’t mess with the tummy! 😂

Note to self;

Don’t feed the dog and go back in to bed.

The dog is the one who usually pushes me to get out of bed in end to give him food as he paces and whines otherwise.

This morning being my week off, I though ok, i’ll let dog out and feed him etc make my cuppa tea go back to bed and have it in bed whilst on laptop sorting few stuff out etc.

It is now 11 am and I’m still in bed but my dog is chilled out on his bed (probably sleeping) because he has been fed and let out etc already! So he isn’t my “drive” to get up now 😂.

It is nice and lovely though to just lay here knowing I don’t have to rush at all to do anything as such. Don’t get me wrong, still have stuff to do today but can do that later on.

My tummy is now protesting to get up and have food however now so it’s a matter of when my tummy will overpower my laziness. 😂.

The tummy always wins and gets her way! 😬.

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Frustrating queue’s

Cheese and ham sarny yummy. Was so frustrating the prets sarny place though.

There are 2 queue’s, and so I lined up at shortest ones obvs and this lady at fromt was obv being a complicated customer. I thought ok its fine surely wont be That long-she was. Meanwhile saw an old granny push in front of a possibly hard at hearing girl or possibly forreign as the granny did ask her if she was queing even though it was so obvious that she was. Didn’t reply so she went and gradually pushed in front of her. I was taken aback tbh and made it highly clear I did. Nobody said anything and the women didn’t say anything so I couldn’t really say anything as she wasn’t pushing in front of me, if she had done that to me I’d of said something politely as it’s happened to me before its frustrating. Anyhow, after that happened I was fed up of waiting in that queue so I joined the longer quicker one and i saw 2 girls jump out of that one what had joined just as i had done that with me thinking ha good luck. I had got to front of que by time they were yet to be served and they were only like 2 customers behind. 😂. This man was off to step in front of me though in the other que which I was like hell no and gave that vibe I think as when the service assistant came back to serve customer guy said after you. 😬 🙈 So frustrating when people don’t queue properly though.

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Busy weekend

Such a busy weekend as usual when it’s our weekend off together!

Super exhausted and tired now. But it has been a progressive weekend as usual majority of the times when we have the weekend off together.

Got lot’s of jobs done on the boat, or atleast The boyf did, I mainly was there to give him company and more jobs to do 😬🙈.

It’s all coming nicely together though now at least which is very satisfying and rewarding for us both.

Main cabin has its cushions, as well as its new ikea small cushions back on now! And also the wall where the clock is has had a fresh lick of paint which we think makes it look so much better!

2/3rd pics are before and after of the ford cabin lockers-where we will be mainly keeping our gear etc up there when we go away. And the last pic is a nice clean chart table- it was very VERY full of hole’s before (forgot to take before pic). The boyf said it was like a cheese.

Like I said- all in all, very progressive weekend as usual most of the time when it’s our weekend off together.

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General ramblings of the morning

Oh my gosh it is absolutely piddling it down with rain outside. Dark and gloomy looking weather. And it is a Monday morning. Conclusion is a cuppa tea.

Hate winter, specially after xmas is over with its just blarg, roll on spring/summer months.

On the upside this morning in the post came my new cheap version of a fitness watch my boyf got me. I go to the gym for getting active part of helping my breathing balance and my core strengthening as it helps my body and back basically to do light exercise. I only to treadmill and a cycle thing and this arm exercise, as well as the beam and yoga ball for my balancing stability. Overall longest been there is probably just over an half hour, so not extreme or anything but im wanting to get in habit of going twice a week. Their machines dont measure my heart rate very well idk why maybe because im only light, plus because Im not a full member i dont have access to keep up to date on anything online to easily access in depth stuff. I have a sheet of paper what i do there but that’s it. I wanna se how many steps and heart rate and everything like that as well.

Anyhow, i have work tonight urgh i could easily just watch netflix and have a pj day today with the weather out there. Best be warmer at work than yesterday but i didn’t have my outer jacket with it being stuck in my locker so i was freezing! 😬

Ok so i am off to finish my cuppa tea now and edit the spelling errors and grammar later on.

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The eve of xmas eve

I am wondering who else calls today the eve of xmas eve. Me and my sister growing up always called it this. Then one year at my old workplace someone mentioned it and thought it was weird and unusual that they have never heard the phrase before. Which was odd to me as we have always said it growing up! 

So yeah; happy eve of xmas eve!! 

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