Morning jimjam travel

So had to get up at the crack of dawn this morning to tailgate my boyfriend on his bike to garage then to come back again.

5.30 AM! I am not a morning person.

So I just put my gigs on and scrambled out of bed slipper socks and trainers with my dressing gown on. First time for everything I guess.

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Short people problems

So I am 27 years old. I have a severe curves spine hence why I am only 4ft6. I also have a girly baby face as well.

Just read an article about some neighbour calling police about someone looking like a child enter an adult sexual pub thing.

The said person was an adult.

It just got me thinking that’s all that Baby face short people find it so hard, and slightly annoying when people assume your a child. Obviously in that case the neighbour probably did good of a just incase. But generally speaking when I’m out and about minding my own business shopping and specially if I am in my wheelchair, people automatically just think I’m a kid. Its like this is a fucking wheelchair not a pram! Firstly Secondly mind your own business if you see someone who looks young in a WHEELCHAIR! They may not be what you think they are aka a child. Idiots. Just grates on me a sometimes that’s all. If i was in a pram and disabled or whatever fair does, but a wheelchair isn’t a pram, you can blazingly see I’m disabled with my back so just shut up and mind your own business and walk on, no need to comment and be like awe bless or any other comments assuming I’m a kid.

And breath.

Although I do have SOME perks, I got in free even after told the women I was 27 to a place before as she assumed I was a kid and after told her I wasn’t she did it anyhow. Either she felt bad for assuming or was just in a super friendly mood that day. Worked out for me and my boyf though. Saved us about £20 I think. As we only ended up paying for parking ticket thing mainly. It was at an event thing and he got carers free and i got child ticket which was about few quid compared to adult ticket. Then parking ticket was main cost but we car shared with 3 other people.

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Moved around again!

So went to the gym again today-!Woo go me!

I wasn’t going to go again twice this week but I thought actually, no chores hardly other than take the dog to groomers which he spends practically all afternoon there, he loves being pampered and centre of attention.

Then I thought well I’m out anyhow, may as well just go its all good for me and gets me out of house. Went there and saw (actually heard first) loads of kids screaming and shouting etc. Must have been their sports day or something. We had sports day up north, but it was nothing like they were doing at any of the schools I went to. They was using an actual gym centre I guess though. Not that I’m fussed as I never really took part in P.E etc with my disability. I did bowls and table tennis. I loved bowls.

So my gym session was pretty good, I went up a notch a bit on some timing and some levels only like by 1 or 2 levels and 1 or 2 mins extra. All helps though!

-side note

On the way home I saw an old couple on one of them two bicycle buggy things- too cute!😍


The reason the title is called moved around again is because the gym area has had another move about !! Which is what I initially was off to post about but as usual I got distracted by my rambles.

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Parking that booty in line

Finally and officially worked out what line to park up to in the car park at work, so that my car booty isnt sticking out lol. Think i also figured this out at gym car park as well now. 😬

I have had trouble which i couldn’t work it out that very well in not sticking my rear end or any part of the car out too much. But finally got the hang of taking notice where and what the side mirror lines up with and now i have an actual reference point which works so woo!

Its weird because it was only mainly these two carpark spots i had trouble with my car sticking out, mainly works car park?? Strange but sorted now.

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Early bird

Been an early bird today! Got up early dressed and ready for gym. Just came back from a good little session, stretched my neck/arm/back/shoulders on bed as i don’t like doing so at the gym that bit. Still feel awkward when i use the yoga ball for my lift legs/stretches.

Pushed my arms a little bit more today as well as I added 1 mins each way on the arm machine.

Also was quite good that I left my gym bag in boot of car as I wasn’t lugging that about feeling awkward.

It was good to get up early and go as when I got there the disabled car parking spaces were near enough empty so I had ample of choice and no vehicles being awkward parked up in the way of the doors etc to go around to get to the bays.

Just having a healthy breakfast of grapes now. Yummy!

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My true spirit animal is a fish, namely Dory off of finding nemo.

Literally just parked my car and was concentrating that much on being in the lines, not hitting the dreaded post (like I have done in the past with my previous mobility car jeep) this however is a paid fully for car as i’m not on that scheme no more. Namely my boyfriends car actually which we “share”(i use most ).

Anyhow; back to the point, was concentrating that much and tucking my mirrors back as disabled bays were full up and had to park downstairs but luckily downstairs wasn’t busy and i got to park in a space where no other cars at the moment weren’t next to me and right next to the escalators and lifts. Just were normal bays though however as just said the spaces next to each side were empty (minus that post!)

I locked up walked away and as I was going on the first escalator as I held on to the bannister thingy as I’m wobbly and ditzy at the best of times (i feel i get stared at going in lifts on my own plus they take AGES! So if theres escalators i use them instead majority of the time and just make sure i hold on).

Going up them i think oh bugger which side have i just parked at the front of these or the back ? I think it must have been at the front?

Luckily for me i finish late and therefore the carpark will be pretty much empty so I will find it easly enough. Was just that oh crap moment like 2 minutes after i just parked up and walked away moment! 😂

Sorry for rambling post when i could of just got straight to it, but if you follow me long time you know by now i am bit of a rambler.

(Probably will edit this at some point…)

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Okay, so I need some motivation again to start regularly going to the gym. Note that I do NOT go to the gym for exercising for weight or toned up. It is merely for my health as I have general mobility problems and my breathing isn’t great, so the experts say this will help if I do light (and I mean light!) exercising. Ideally if I could swim would be great, but alas I can’t (maybe one day?) My gym regime pretty much consists of lightly using the cycle/pedal machine, it’s not a cycle bike more like a seat with pedals.. then I do my arms with the arm pedal machine as that’s the only upper body exercise I can really do. Then I go on the treadmill and walk slowly whilst I see others running… usually go into the corner bit where it has the older people and the disabled machines as I am self conscious. Recently though I had started to dare to get bit braver and go in to the middle area where more treadmills are. Then again I pretty much have to sometimes as there is only 1 left in that area now. I am glad that the arm machine has moved in to that corner though as that was only main thing I am still a bit self conscious of… Probably because I am tiny and it’s massive as well as I look so young (like a child). Oh and then I do my balancing regime on the yoga ball and the balancing beam & disk.

So here is HOPING** I get more enthusiasm and start to go again even if it is just Tuesdays again. I guess I need to really.

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