Aches and pains

So I meant to be travelling back to my parents tomorrow, well firstly to see and sleep over at my sisters. I have no idea if that is still on the tablets yet! 

I have a bad feeling that I am off to be too much in pain still without being on the strong dose. 

At the moment i have heated hot water bottle behind me and cuppa tea. Had ibprufene and paracetamol full dosage intake for four hours. Haven’t re took my prescribed codeine yet since this morning. Trying not to rely too much on them and to try and work with my muscles to get them back to normal again and keep moving here and there but not over doing it. That’s what the a and e gp said last night.

On Thursday evening just watching tele in bed for night, somehow was wriggly and then Bam! I pulled a muscle it cracked and I was panicky as it really hurt, couldn’t breath very well with the panic setting in. 

Somehow Carl managed to calm me down enough and took a ibroprofene tablet too and I was also sick with the pain. But managed to sleep in the end. 

Morning came, it was stiff as hell, so I was practically bed ridden for the day. Just about got heated stuff and fed dog and cuppa tea in morning with difficulty, then retired to bed for the rest of that day. Right till Carl came home at 6ish then we headed for A&E as it hadn’t got any better. I was controlling my breathing panic at least but it still hurt a lot when I did breath. 

So the gp said basically take it easy but don’t just lay down, try to keep moving but not over do it. Also as I mentioned prescribed me the codeine tablets to take but only between 1 – 2 times within 4 hours space. But only if the pain is unbearable as it will make me drowsy and can cause tummy problems etc. 

Took 2 yesterday evening as by then I had been up and about for over like 3 hours with waiting times there and carl driving to and back home again etc. 

He has been my rock, he is the best boyfriend, and best friend I could ever hope and need in my life. 

This morning I was stiff again so I took another codeine withparacetamol then had food and just had the normal paracetomal and ibroprofene now. Not wanting to over use the codeine if I can cope without it. Best for a morning stiffness and evening to sleep. Thats how i am looking at it. 

It just sucks that I meant to be travelling tomorrow and I don’t think I will magically be better by morning!! 😩💔

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