Tribunal today!

So nervous and anxious now ! My tribunal trial starts in over an hour and i been all okay about it kept my nerves in check but now it is bit of meltdown!

I am all prepared as much as I can possibly be, and I know it will only go good or bad, but I’m just so nervous about standing in front of three official people and being judged, as well as possible chance of standing against a DWP representative person, which I know my luck that I will be. Long as I don’t cry it will be fine.

Just keep thinking ok, I have evidence from my previous orthopaedic dr stating about me walking 50 metres is my max before start deterring, I have a 2012 report from a dr stating about walking 50metres, I have my previous breathing respiratory dr confirming walking 50metres i have a physio stating about my lung capacity and so often gets short of breath. What more do they need?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably at this stage because I was too slow in giving a lot of evidence to start off with. But still! The assessor on the day slightly lied about stuff, as well as not even giving me any respiratory tests or exams even though that was my main case about claiming!

Will update later on how all this went! Hopefully I will be laughing about how nervous I am feeling but I really just don’t know! 😬😬😬

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