So I got standard woohoo I won my appeal! The panel were super nice and I was so nervous but didn’t really have to say much, they shot firing questions at the dwp rep and she ultimately said they made too many assumptions and they retract their side of things regarding what they said and awarded me with standard mobility. Because the evidence was from actual specialists; like respiratory and orthopaedic as well as a heart specialist I think, nobody could really argue with the evidence therefore after answering a few simple q’s from the panel- which I answered truthfully, they awarded me there and then my standard rate and to keep my standard care aspect. As I wasn’t looking at fighting for that as I was happy and accepted it.

I know I don’t get a car no more, but with new rules for pip I agree I shouldn’t and I’m not qualified in meeting that criteria for that no more. I don’t agree that they should of made it to that sort of criteria with pip enhanced but they have and we all have to deal with it. But I know I felt I deserved standard at least with that criteria, hence why family and friends pushed me and talked me into fighting till the end as I was super nervous about doing so at first, and I am so glad that I had!

It allows doors open more and easier access for help and support with mobility stuff.

Super chuffed!

If anyone out there is going through the change-over, and you truly don’t believe the right decision was made, Fight for it!

It may be scary and nerve-wrecking and a long process (mine has been a year), but it will be backdated and it will be worth it when they say the good news at the end!

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